Pharmacy on 34



Pharmacy On 34th provides personal travel health consultations and expert medical advice specific to your trip.

A review of recommended and required vaccinations and medications are identified and administered onsite.  Pharmacy on 34th is designated by the Public Health Agency of Canada as an authorized Yellow Fever Clinic.

Health risks specific to the area of travel are examined. Our Travel Medicine Specialist will review safe travel and ways to minimize environmental hazards and exposures to infectious diseases to ensure a safe and healthy trip.

Hepatitis A (Adult) 02237792
Hepatitis A (Pediatric) 02243741
Travellers Diarrhea/Cholera 02247208
Travellers Diarrhea/Cholera 02247208
Hepatitis B 01919431
Hepatitis A (Adult) 02187078
Hepatitis A (age <19) 02231056
Poliomyelitis 01959042
Rabies (Pre-Exposure) 01908286
Japanese Encephalitis 02333279
Meningitis 02279924
Pneumococcal (age >50) 02335204
Rabies (Pre-Exposure) 02267667
Hepatitis A & B 02230578
Hepatitis A & B (age <19) 02237548
Typhoid 02130955
Typhoid and Hepatitis A 02248361
Yellow Fever 00428833
Shingles 02315939

*Some vaccinations require more than one dose to complete the series
*Please call our office for current pricing

Pharmacy On 34
9216-34 Ave. Suite B
Edmonton, AB.
T6E 5P2
(Inside the Medical Clinic)

Phone: 780-988-3700

Mon To Fri 11am - 7pm
Sat 11am - 2pm (Appointment Only)
Sunday (Appointment For Groups Only)